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“I have thought many times about your business, Above the Clouds, thinking how we families down below, here on earth, dealing with dementia and decline in ones we love, can only see a dark, hopeless perspective. But, just like any storm, the view above the clouds reveals a completely different picture. What you have to share, with your teaching, support and instruction IS that larger view. I can relate, right now, to the need to see this with my parents in a more spiritual light. I need a bigger picture so that I can actually enjoy my relationship with them in the time we have left.” – Glenda Price-Coden, LMSW and Family Caregiver

“Peggy Pilkenton has been my most valuable source of information and support in dealing with my husband’s dementia. She is a wealth of practical knowledge on dealing with daily care issues as well as meeting the emotional needs of a loved one with dementia. She also made sure I was taking care of myself so I could be an effective caregiver. I have her advice on Post-It notes all over my house. It is sad that we have a great need for dementia caregiver education; however, the good news is that Peggy’s class meets that need.” – Pam Bresler, Family Caregiver

“Peggy brings a unique set of skills to the process of raising awareness and support for individuals who have dementia. She is a nurse educator who provides professional training throughout the Texas Hill Country. Peggy was the primary caregiver for her mother, who had dementia. In caring for her mom, Peggy focused on the value of celebrating all that her mother could still do, rather than lamenting the inevitable losses associated with dementia. Her personal experience brings an added dimension to her teaching that participants find uplifting, empowering and – most of all – encouraging. Through her 6 week Family Caregiver course “Caring for Someone with Dementia” she helps caregivers take a “glass half full” approach and gives them tools that truly enriches the relationship and quality of life their loved-ones experience.” – Tina Woods

“Peggy is highly regarded in our community for providing education for patients and families. This expertise is truly a God-given gift for Peggy to share with others. She is not only highly educated in the field of dementia care but most importantly she is experienced both personally and professionally with families going through this difficult time. Her passion for her career is unmatched as well as her knowledge. Her medical background in nursing coupled with her personal experiences and extensive training have truly brought her status to the forefront of Alzheimer Care.” – Dr. Andrea Wilson, D.C.