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About Us

Peggy Pilkenton, Registered Nurse and Certified Dementia Practitioner, provides lectures, classes, and seminars to educate and support families, friends, clergy and health care professionals who care for or about someone with dementia. Combining traditional nursing with holistic nursing she incorporates evidence-based practices to address every day care giving issues.

Having been a family caregiver to a parent, she brings what she learned and incorporates those pearls of wisdom into what she teaches other family care givers. Sharing both her professional and personal journeys in the field of dementia care, Peggy emphasizes the joys and the many opportunities for enhancing quality of life of one’s loved one while also caring for oneself as a caregiver.

Through her teaching, Peggy emphasizes the strengths that remain within someone with dementia and ways to offer support to maximize their independence for as long as possible. She also prepares caregivers for the changes that will occur as the disease progresses and ways to best work within and cope with those changes.

As a strong advocate for people experiencing memory loss, Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, Peggy brings a great deal of heart and sensitivity to her work. She promotes and enables dignity and quality of life for these brave individuals as they face the challenges before them. Through her work she partners her clinical knowledge and expertise with her compassion to provide practical tools for understanding, but more importantly, for instilling hope. Recognizing that dementia brings both changes and challenges, Peggy helps the individual and their support system to identify meaningful choices within their journey.

Peggy uses stories and personal sharing to demonstrate effective communication and care giving strategies. She brings enthusiasm and energy to the learning experience while honoring the uniqueness of each care giving situation.

Having assisted in a research study on the benefits of massage with people experiencing dementia, she understands and supports what she learned and applies it in a variety of settings, touching lives as she touches people. In her educational offerings, she shares ideas and specific approaches from the field of complementary therapies, incorporating the use of touch, music and aromatherapy into care for both the loved one and their caregiver. With years of experience in holistic nursing and massage therapy, she is able to not just teach but demonstrate the importance of complementary therapies.

Peggy believes that the gift of being with someone is to convey to them that they are unique and valued. Caring for someone in this way opens up opportunities for them to communicate in whatever ways they are inspired to or ways they are able to. Having sat with many a person experiencing the emotions within the stages and changes of the journey with dementia, Peggy offers herself and her therapeutic presence as they search for and try to connect with the self they sense they are losing. Being witness to these very special and personal experiences led Peggy to devote herself to making a difference in the field of dementia care.

Compassionate, quality dementia care training to educate, motivate and inspire people to provide exceptional care while nurturing the spirit of those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia…..that is what Peggy Pilkenton offers!